You Can’t Handle The Truth!

You can't handle the truth

America Can't Handle The Truth

Let these numbers sink in for a minute …

[From USA Today Article] Starting on Saturday, Baby Boomers begin turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare — one every eight seconds. A record 2.8 million will qualify in 2011, rising to 4.2 million a year by 2030, projections show.

In all, the government expects 76 million Boomers will age on to Medicare. Even factoring in deaths over that period, the program will grow from 47 million today to 80 million in 2030.

At the same time, health care costs are projected to outpace inflation, and medical advances will extend lives, straining the program’s finances. It’s expected to cost $929 billion by 2020, an 80% increase over 10 years.

Is there a better example of the lack of true political leadership in the United States than this?  Neither Democrat nor Republican can claim they have been confronting these brutal facts.  Rather, each group sticks their finger in the air and responds to the political winds.

Are there any real (and digestible) plans to address the tsunami?  Anyone?


Save Our Seniors!


From the American Health Care Association advocacy web site:

Ask Congress to stop proposals that further cut nursing home care.

AHCA/NCAL supports health care reform. Yet, two proposals in Congress would cut Medicare funding for care of America’s seniors in nursing homes nationwide by $14.6 billion in the Senate or $32 billion in the House. These cuts come on top of $12 billion in cuts that went into effect October 1. Together, these cuts are simply unsustainable.

Since labor represents 70% of nursing home operating costs, we worry that such deep cuts would affect jobs—forcing layoffs, lowering salaries, or reducing  benefits—and ultimately, would hurt seniors’ quality of care. Congress must stop proposals that further cut nursing home care and reconsider how the existing $12 billion in cuts, combined with state Medicaid funding shortfall, will negatively impact seniors’ care.

We are calling on Congress to ensure that total funding for nursing home care remains adequate to preserve quality care for America’s seniors and protects caregiver jobs. We invite you to join us.

Below please find several documents that will help you to better educate your Members of Congress about the negative impact of these cuts as we campaign to Save Our Seniors today!

How you can help:

Call or email your Members of Congress today!

Attend a Town Hall meeting, and/or set up in-district meetings with your Senators and Representative or their staff.

Invite your Senators and Representative to visit your facility.