The “Old Man” Can Throw

We find it pretty funny to see all of the references to Brett Favre as “Old Man” in the news lately.  You google Brett Favre & Old Man and you get 189 recent news stories!  Come on … Favre is 40.  Maybe NFL years are like dog years.  Instead of 1 dog year = 7 human years, it seems like it’s about 1 NFL year = 5 human years.

So, then Brett would be 108

(23 non-NFL years + 17 NFL years).  Old man can throw!  Well done tonight Old Man Favre!  Beating the Packers …

"Old Man" Favre Beats His Old Team

"Old Man" Favre Beats His Old Team

Even Shaq (not exactly the youngest man out there) was sending Brett some Old Man love via Twitter.